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Who are the Maronites?

The Lebanese Maronite Order has a short but remarkably rich history dating back about 300 years.

Three Maronites, Jibrayel Hawwa, Abdallah Qaraalli and Yusef Al-Bitn from the city of Aleppo in Syria founded the Order in 1695. They travelled to Our Lady of Kannoubine in North Lebanon and spoke to the Patriarch Estephan Dweihy, regarding the heavenly calling to establish a new Order of Monks. These were the beginnings of the formation of the Lebanese Maronite Order.

Only after great efforts made during the 1960s and 1970s did the Order finally arrive in Australia. In 1972, Cardinal Freeman permitted the Order to establish a mission in Sydney. A mere six months later, the first chapel and altar dedicated to St Charbel was blessed. In the following year, a church and a new monastery were completed.