Teaching and Learning


The library is open from 8.00am till 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Students need bring their library cards to school every day for borrowing and to allow them to use the library printers and photocopier.

The library website allows students and teachers to find available resources in our collection and also allows access to online resources such as authorised websites and clickview videos.

The library provides access to information both on, and off-line including access to a variety of services and recreational reading for St Charbel's students, teachers, parents and the community. It holds over 55,000 resources including English and Arabic collections, books, magazines, newspapers, educational games, CD-ROMs and audio CDs.

The Library also has large and small seminar rooms, laptops and iPads available for class bookings and individual student use.

The library can be are used by classes and students for research, assignments and presentations.


Fiction books and Non-Fiction books may be borrowed for two weeks and renewed for another two weeks.

Items needed specifically for assignments may be borrowed for one week.

Some items such as books placed on closed reserve by the teachers are not available for loan.

Grades are allocated borrowing limits according to necessity therefore older students are able to borrow more than younger students and senior students have access to additional subject specific resources. See library staff for details.


Resources relevant to assignments will be placed in a closed reserve tub and students may access this material whilst in the library either photocopying or taking pictures is allowed but must comply with copyright laws.

In the interests of equity of access for all students these items may not be borrowed during the assessment period for high school.


Students are reminded that copyright will be broken if more than 10% of a work is copied.