St. Charbels College Sports Program

St Charbel’s College believes that sport plays an integral part in the development of our students and encourages the pursuit of sporting dreams in partnership with improved academic application and achievement.

High School Sports Program

St Charbels College is a member of the Sydney Catholic Colleges Sporting Association (SCCSA) and Christian Brothers Sports Association which allows female and male students a pathway into respective competitive and representative sports. This membership allows talented athletes in our College to pursue representative sport at association and state levels. Representative sports includes Rugby League, Football, Swimming, Athletics, Dance, Touch, Basketball and Volleyball.

Students who choose not to play representative sports are offered a range of activities every Thursday during Grade sport. Grade sport is guided by the student’s needs and includes activities such as; Ice Skating, Group Fitness Training, Bike riding, Table Tennis, Tennis, Gymnastics, Gym, Outdoor Games, Swimming, Self Defence and Dancing. School sport enables students who are not competitively inclined to take part in sport in a more leisurely manner. This also promotes healthy lifestyle, positive interaction on a social and physical level with students, staff and the wider community.

Primary Sports Program

Students at St Charbel’s College, Primary School have the opportunity to participate in programs run by a specialised PE teacher. These programs take place on a weekly basis for children in Years 2 through to 6 where the students are introduced to new skills and taught the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. The students also have the opportunity to participate in a swimming intensive program, Athletics and Swimming Carnival. The skills they learn in all these programs and events promote a healthy and active lifestyle that the students can adopt outside of school.

The school is part of the Inner West Catholic Primary Schools Sports Organisation which allows St Charbel’s College to participate in a variety of sports gala days, and representative Athletics and Swimming Carnivals. This allows St Charbel’s College students to interact with students from other schools as well as practice the skills they have been learning at school during PE lessons.