Student and Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing Coordinator Services

Ms Rosa Mansour is the College’s Wellbeing Coordinator and is working closely with Ms Jacinta Gerges, being responsible for the provision of specialist guidance and counselling across the Primary and Secondary school. The Wellbeing Coordinator plays an instrumental role in the wellbeing framework of St Charbel's College. This framework incorporates the Mindmatters and Kidsmatter program initiatives. The Wellbeing Coordinator works in close collaboration with the Director of Welfare, the Director of Learning Support, Directors of Primary and Secondary Curriculum and Pastoral Coordinators on providing advice on all matters relating to student wellbeing.

Referrals from staff and parents are welcomed and actioned.

The Wellbeing office acts as a drop in centre for students addressing their concerns and need and provides programs and support for staff, and parents on matters relating to child development. For more information, please contact the College on 9740 0999.