Kiss ‘n’ Go Program

To make the student drop off and pick up safer for everyone, St Charbel’s College has implemented a Kiss ‘n’ Go Program.

Kiss ‘n’ Go is a designated drop off and pick up area in front of the school. If you are only picking up or dropping off a child, it is often unnecessary to park and get out of the car. To help you and to increase safety, the school has made space available where you – STOP – PICK UP/DROP OFF – then DRIVE away. If using the Kiss ‘n’ Go program, you will be issued a sun visor tag, so we can identify your vehicle. Vehicles without a sun visor tag will not be allowed to enter the Kiss ‘n’ Go Ride area in the afternoon.

The Kiss ‘n’ Go program is not mandatory. Parents who do not wish to use this program, or who wish to come into the school will park in the parking lot near the Church and will enter the school via the front entrance.

How will Kiss ‘n’ Go Operate?

In the morning, you can drop off your child/children in the designated Kiss ‘n’ Go area. Staff or parent volunteers can assist your child/children to get in and out of the car safely. Stop your vehicle, leave your engine running and ensure that your child/children safely exit on the curb-side of the car.

In the afternoon, when it is more congested with traffic, you can pick up your child/children in the designated Kiss ‘n’ Go area:

  • A staff member or volunteer will call out the number allocated to your family so that your child/children can come out to be assisted into your vehicle.
  • Be sure your sun visor tag is on the passenger side and visible so that we can identify your vehicle and have your child/children ready for pick up
  • Once in the Kiss ‘n’ Go area, stop your vehicle, leave your engine running and wait in the car for your child/children.
  • Staff members or volunteers will escort your child/children to the vehicle and help with doors if necessary.
  • A Contract/Agreement will need to be signed by the Parent in order to participate in this program