Teaching and Learning

Learning Technologies

Technology is entwined in almost every part of our lives. It affects how we communicate, socialise, connect, play, and most importantly, learn. As part of our learning program at St Charbel’s College, technology is leveraged to provide rich and engaging learning experiences for our students. It is utilised as part of a balanced pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.

The St Charbel’s College BYOD Program (Bring Your Own Device) is designed to: - Provide students with tools for learning, communication and collaboration - Establish digital fluency through the development of digital literacy skills - Guide our students along their learning journey to become smart and responsible digital citizens - Give students and families, freedom to make technology choices that suit them and their circumstances.

For more information on The St Charbel’s College BYOD Program, please visit the Learning Technologies Website. There you will find extensive information regarding:
Policies and procedures - Device guidelines - Software and antivirus programs - Frequently asked questions - College I.T Support

In addition to our BYOD program, the College provides our staff and students with access to a significant inventory of information and communication technology. Including:

- 4 Computer labs - 300 Workstations - 250 Notebooks (Contained in notebook trolleys) - 100 iPads - 35 Photocopiers/Printers - 45 Interactive Whiteboards