Student Leadership

The Prefect System

The appointment to the position of Prefect is an honour accorded to a student by the School Community. It is an office which carries specific responsibilities. These are in three main areas:

  • The Prefect as a Student Leader
  • The Prefect as an example to other students
  • The Prefect as an ambassador for the College

Prefects wear a badge as a symbol of leadership at the College.



Students submit a nomination form informing the College leadership that they wish to be considered for a post.

STAGE 2: Students submit a letter of application to the Principal in which they explain why they should be considered for a position. They can apply for an executive position or can apply to be a prefect.

The letter should be handed to the Director of Welfare by the due date. The names of applicants will be posted on the College noticeboard.


The Executive and Year Coordinator will invite chosen applicants to give a speech to the year group in which they outline what they would bring to the position. Student elections are held.


Chosen applicants are interviewed by a panel who decide the outcome of the process. Previous School Captains may also be involved in the process.


There are TWO College Captains. The Captains represent the student body both in and out of school. They will be students who have contributed significantly to the life of the school.

Captains will occasionally attend staff leadership and briefings to report news and events as required. They link to the other Executive Officers and request feedback for views on all matters relating to policy across the school. They lead by example and have a role to play in all assemblies when they read the bulletin and inform students about events etc. They coordinate the work of the student executive and prefect body and chair council meetings which include representatives from across the school. Both captains have responsibility for all areas but they have particular responsibility for liturgy and the communication of the school.

CAPTAIN A has responsibility for LITURGY and works closely with the Head of Religious Education and contribute significantly to the religious life of the school. They will have had experience of this in the past and are responsible for prayer petitions and for leading prayer at assemblies. They assist at whole school masses and in the celebration of feast days. Together with Captain B they represent the school in all matters and they organise and report on all matters relating to the SRC.

CAPTAIN B has a post of responsibility for all matters relating to COMMUNICATION. This deputy is responsible for the collection and announcing of bulletin notices and advising SRC members of meetings. They report developments to students and staff. They take minutes of meetings and they report findings. They may visit staff briefings on occasions to make pupil announcements and are responsible for passing on information about pupil achievements. They make sure that information is posted regularly on College noticeboards.


There are a number of Deputy Captains with College responsibilities. They each have a prefect in support of them.


This is a post of responsibility for all matters relating to finance and the raising and collection of money.

  • This leader must keep up to date with all fund raising activities and communicates with the other executives in planning and organising of fund raising events.
  • They work closely with the College Financial Controller who is involved in the interview for the post.
  • They arrange money collections and they keep up to date records which should be readily available to all.


This is a post of responsibility which requires the student to take responsibility for the environment. They will work closely with the College Executive and staff to improve the presentation of classrooms, corridors and outdoor areas. They will lead a team which ensures that displays are updated on a regular basis. They will research ways to improve the visual presentation of our key spaces. They will focus on creating strategies to improve the litter situation across the school K to 12.

  • Organise collection of money
  • Seek advice on spending of monies raised by students.
  • Keep detailed accounts of monies raised and spent by students.
  • Set up an equipment shop to raise funds for student body.
  • Arrange annual raffle to raise school funds.
  • Liaise with Business manager.


This Deputy organises all charity events and liaises with the other deputies and captains to ensure that events run smoothly.

  • They invite speakers and send letters of thanks.
  • They call meetings to discuss initiatives and they liaise with Executive staff members to seek consent to arrange events.
  • They decide areas of responsibility when planning fund raising activities. They ensure that all equipment is returned after use.
  • They ensure that venues are left in good order.
  • They are responsible for the smooth running of all events relating to charity fund raising and to the raising of awareness.
  • They plan the calendar of events in advance and attend School Leadership meetings to decide dates and activities.
  • They monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of events.


  • This deputy is responsible for all matters relating to sport.
  • They liaise closely with the Head of PE who takes part in the interview for the position.
  • They have responsibility of assisting staff in the smooth running of sporting events.
  • They inform the Communication officer of all sporting updates.
  • They advise about results.
  • They provide sport reports for the School newsletter.
  • They make sure that all matters relating to sport are communicated and they liaise regularly with the Communication Captain.


This is a post of responsibility which considers the ways we reward students across the school K to 12. We have a positive behaviour management policy and aum to reward students when they are achieving at every possible opportunity. Together with parents, staff and students the deputy captain rewards will proactive in seeking pupil voice, convening working parties across the school and implementing policies which work.


  • Prefects are students who endeavour to be positive role models and provide leadership to the College.
  • They represent the school and provide assistance at a number of functions including the conduct of assemblies, annual parent teacher Information nights, College swimming and sports carnivals, casual days, charity initiatives and other tasks as advised by the leadership or the Prefect Coordinators.
  • Student Executives may also be required to take part in the interview process.
  • All Prefects visit other year groups during pastoral care sessions and teach younger students about College traditions and activities.
  • They aid in the delivery of the pastoral curriculum and they lead house activities.

Nominees are required to demonstrate their involvement in school life by having attained recognition for service to the school. Candidates are also expected to have an exemplary record of behaviour over the previous 12 months and to be making satisfactory academic progress. They should have good attendance and punctuality records.

Year 11 Students apply for prefect positions in Term 3.