Student and Staff Wellbeing

Pastoral Care Framework

At St Charbel’s College we are all called to be part of the pastoral ministry of the Church. Pastoral care permeates the total climate of relationships within the College community. It has the individual at its focus and reflects the support, care and guidance of the gospels. It is based on mutual respect between staff and students.

There is a pastoral dimension to the role of every staff member. The key focus is to know the students and nurture them to be their best. We believe in a holistic approach to the development of the whole child: spiritually; emotionally; socially; intellectually and physically.  

We aim to ensure that every member of the College community experiences a sense of belonging to a caring Christian community. The roles of parents, priests, teachers and students are complementary in liberating one another towards positive growth.

We aim to facilitate an environment which challenges and assists the child to develop positive self-discipline and we believe in a system of restorative justice. We encourage every child to achieve their God given gifts and talents to the full and to be confident young people who contribute positively to society.

Homeroom and class teachers are the first point of contact and they develop strong relationships with students. Year Coordinators (High School) and Stage Coordinators (Primary) underpin and direct the day to day processes to support Student Pastoral Care. Pastoral priorities are addressed in the K to 12 ‘You Can Do It’ Program.

Kindergarten Coordinator Ms Amanda Attie
Year 1 Coordinator Ms Giuseppina Badros
Year 2 Coordinator Ms Rebecca Chidiac
Year 3 Coordinator Ms Krissi Da Silva
Year 4 Coordinator Miss Gabrielle Jackson
Year 5 Coordinator  Ms Souad Assaf
Year 6 Coordinator Mr Christopher Tanza
Pastoral Care Coordinator K-6 Mr Matthew Ryan
Director of Pastoral Care 7-12 Mr Charlie Shalala
Year 7 Coordinator Mrs Zeina Hitti
Year 8 Coordinator Mr Simon Rassy
Year 9 Coordinator Ms Josephine Katrib
Year 10 Coordinator Mr Alfred Taouk
Year 11 Coordinator Ms Joanna Zidros
Year 12 Coordinator Mrs Kathy Kalpakoulos